Synology Video Station indexing with TMDb and TheTVDB

I was getting bored of updating all my movie collection manually using the Synology NAS Video Station application as when it unfortunately goes to lookup on the internet the information for the movie it pulls by default Synology movie database and their data is rubbish to say the least!

It does have more than one internet lookup database to use but it always defaults to the first one that it connects to when getting the information.

The second internet database it can use is the DB from TheTVDB, which is much more rich in data.

How to make it use this database by default?

Well, I came across a great post by on the web.

They are suggesting we log on to the Synology NAS via SSH and on the linux command line to move the config data for the Synology database lookup to “trick it” into using TheTVDB first all the time.

If we move this folder then it does indeed actually work great! Always uses the better TheTVDB database as default!! Yay, no more manually looking up all added movies any longer 🙂

The command line is –

sudo mv /volume1/@appstore/VideoStation/plugins/syno_synovideodb /volume1/@appstore/VideoStation/plugins/temp/syno_synovideodb

Nice, this really works!

But remember that every time the Synology NAS has a firmware update and Video Station gets upgraded, we need to run this command again!!

Have fun :O)