Potential Calm

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Based in the North East of England, Potential Calm has been producing digital music at an amateur level since 2007; spanning a variety of genres. The signature sound of Potential Calm is distinct and yet pays homage to influences including Massive Attack, Orbital, Leftfield and The Prodigy.

Immerse yourself in the audible snapshots of an artist’s mind…. hopefully listening to these pieces will prove as cathartic for you as it was for me to compose them    :o)


Click a link below to take you to a specific album –

1 – Potential Calm – Indecision – 2008

2 – Potential Calm – Ride the Wave – 2009

3 – Potential Calm – Ride The Wave Part II – Ride It Harder – 2010

4 – Potential Calm – Ascension – 2019


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